Shopping Guide - How to buy directly from our website?

Step 1 - Select your products

  • to find the right product browse category list or use search engine,
  • we have taken the following rule in the header of every item:
  • for each product you will find detailed information about (attached original documentation in pdf. file),
  • remember, only registered clients may store products to save for later,
  • when you have found product you want to buy, please add it to the cart,
  • if you finished completing your order go to the shopping cart, or select back to the shopping by clicking „Continue shopping”


Step 2 - Shopping cart


  • in the cart you will precisely see quantity and what products you have selected,
  • change value in column quantity and press count to fit your order,
  • clicking on minus icon you will remove products from your shopping cart,
  • choose shipment and payment form,
  • if you have a discount coupon enter it below to get a discount,
  • confirm options you have chosen by clicking on the „order” button


Step 3 - Placing an Order


  • If you have an account in our store you have to "log in",
  • If you do not have an account choose "register" option or skip account creation by clicking on "order" button (you don't have to create an account, you just give us necessary information to prepare selling and shipping document). Remember registered customers are allowed to use many benefits including:
    • you can check status of your orders and history
    • you don't have to enter your personal data when you will buy next time
    • possibility to get individual discounts and coupons
  • enter your name, surname and contact details (shipment address, phone),
  • if you want us to send your order to another address click on „another shipping address” and enter your new address details,
  • additional information about your order please enter in the "comment" field,
  • choose the kind of selling document bill of sale or VAT Invoice,
  • Confirm you are familiar with our store rules and you accept it,
  • After clicking summary, you will see detailed information about your order,
  • by clicking on order button your "order" stays confirmed,
  • receive an email confirming your order


Remember, only registered customers may check orders status and history! !